Ceramics Planter - Annika Hoefs X Sylvanus Urban

Annika Hoefs X Sylvanus Urban 

Artist Annika Hoefs is delighted to be collaborating with Sylvanus Urban for the first time on a custom line of limited ceramic planters. Annika’s work is wheel thrown with cone 6 speckled stoneware clay and glazes that are food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. The technique used to keep the lines crisp and the pattern tight, is done in a multiple step process of masking areas and using wax to keep the colours separate. Each item offers the user a small glimpse into the artist’s studio, gentle ridges along the inside walls from her hands pulling the clay into shape or a deeper hue of colour where the glaze overlaps to envelop the surface, are inevitable maker’s marks. The finished geometric patterned wares aim to satisfy the balance of form and function with an approachability and comfort level that can only be attained through a handmade object.


Deep Navy Peaks
White Pepper Peaks

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